Videowatch phone screencap
Save yourself the hassle of worrying about late night alarms with screencaps sent directly to your computer or phone.

Datawatch combines access control with on-site closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitoring to form VideoWatch (see related news article). VideoWatch allows our highly trained alarm specialists to remotely access your recording devices and review footage at the time of an alarm. After an alarm specialist reviews the footage, you are notified of what was observed and sent a recorded copy of the event for review and follow up. A copy is also archived at Datawatch Central Station. Our optional, advanced video analytics can process the footage, offering an enhanced level of threat detection. This combination of alarm monitoring and easy, quick access to visuals helps you decide whether an immediate response or later-day follow up with staff is needed.

VideoWatch® Highlights:

  • High-definition, camera-specific video monitoring
  • Video stills sent to you, via email, anytime an alarm is tripped
  • Compatible with most network-capable DVRs, NVRs, and standalone web-linked cameras
  • Motion-activated camera recording and alarm transmission
  • State-of-the-art video analysis (optional)
  • Near real-time review of footage
  • Ability to provide incident or suspicious-person information to authorities based on footage
  • Fully customizable system design to meet your needs
  • Recorded footage is archived at Datawatch Central Station, our off-site headquarters
  • Expert installation teams minimize worksite disruption

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