Video Management Services

Video is an integral part of a modern security solution, providing real time surveillance and the ability to investigate incidents through analysis of recorded footage. Datawatch Systems' video management services are a perfect complement to access control and alarm monitoring.

Depending on your business needs we offer multiple products from a smart phone app for streaming video to more advanced video services designed to manage footage and support your security requirements.

Our two featured video products are designed to help manage your footage and enhance your security.

Hosted VideoWatch®

A simple, scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud video management solution, Hosted VideoWatch offers:Security Cameras

  • Guaranteed secure cloud-based video storage
  • Monitor the health of cameras and video servers
  • Export and save encrypted video clips at anytime from anywhere
  • Stream video from any internet-accessible location



Integrate your access control system and cameras with VideoWatch.Videowatch Screen Grab

  • Video stills sent to your email, when an alarm is tripped
  • Near real-time review of footage by a Datawatch expert
  • Fully customizable instructions and recipient list for recordings
  • Optional video analysis


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