SuiteWatch is perfect for smaller suites or individual offices. SuiteWatch uses our state-of-the-art alarm system that makes securing any part of your office as simple as presenting a valid credential. Easily track who arms and disarms the system without complicated programming and hassles. Control access to your entire office or just one door with a single reader.

Because SuiteWatch replaces keypad entry systems, it eliminates unauthorized access when passcode "cheat sheets" are misplaced. Did you know that industry-wide, 99% of all alarms are false? SuiteWatch reduces disruptions from false alarms due to forgotten codes and doors propped open by after-hours staff.

SuiteWatch® Highlights:

  • User-friendly software makes it easy to add, delete, or change privileges at any time
  • Automatically arm and disarm your system at the times you select, any number of times
  • Monitored 24/7/365 by our state-of-the-art UL-approved Datawatch Central Station
  • Adaptable card readers eliminate keypads and lost security codes, simplify alarm disarming for cleaning crews, and increase security for employees working late
  • Full reports available online or from Datawatch Systems Customer Service
  • Present your Datawatch credential at the alarm control reader to arm and disarm your suite
  • Monitor doors and motion detectors; create “invisible wall” boundaries to protect smaller areas within your space
  • SuiteWatch uses your existing Datawatch credential
  • Presenting an authorized Datawatch credential to the reader silences active alarms
  • System can act as an override on doors with electronic locks
  • No codes, passwords, key switches, complicated training or false alarms
  • Value-priced for businesses of any size

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