Safety & Wellness

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Safety & Wellness

A healthy and safe building begins at the front door. Datawatch offers many solutions designed with the health and safety of your building in mind. Let us tell you how we can help.

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Creating Smarter Solutions for the Real Estate Industry

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    Configure your access control solution with what works best for your building: Contactless, Siri, BlueTooth, Mobile Access, or Integrations with third-party apps.

    Enhanced Access Control

    Use Datawatch DirectConnect app to track real time occupancy levels, set and enforce capacity limits and track activity levels through reporting. Datawatch APIs are also available to integrate with third-party occupancy management solutions.

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    Protect building entry points with on-site temperature screenings. Can be integrated with your Datawatch access control system to require a normal temperature before entering.

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    Tie health questionnaires to Datawatch access credentials for tenants, employee and visitors  ensuring the health and safety of your building.

    Health Questionnaires

    Eliminate elevator touch points using the Datawatch DirectConnect app.

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