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Lobby Solutions

LobbyWatch® is part of the Total Lobby Solution developed by Datawatch Systems. The system enables security staff to monitor personnel entering a facility through turnstiles or other entry points equipped with credential readers or VisitorWatch® barcode scanners. LobbyWatch® improves security by combining credential or barcode verification with visual identification.

Datawatch’s dedicated lobby solutions focus on the entire building entry area, including all exterior doors, reception desk, and elevator banks.

Enables security staff to monitor personnel entering a facility through turnstiles or other entry points that are equipped with a card or VisitorWatch® barcode readers.
Simultaneously displays information from multiple turnstiles or card readers, enabling one guard to monitor several entry points.
Combines card key/barcode verification with visual identification.
In the event of an invalid read, LobbyWatch® displays a warning, alerting security staff to investigate the individual.

Datawatch Lobby Solutions:
  • LobbyWatch®: This program allows security personnel to visually match people with their credentials as they enter the building. Lobby personnel views the credential holder, comparing him or her to a photo in our database, thereafter permitting or denying entry.
  • VisitorWatch®: A simple visitor management system that provides quick and easy visitor check-in, unscheduled visitor registration, and badge printing. Can be used in conjunction with barcode readers to allow for temporary credentials.
  • GuardWatch®: An application used on-site to monitor building access in real-time and lock and unlock elevators and doors for special events. A valuable tool for security personnel to manage building activity.

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