Full-featured Visitor Management system that enables tenants, property managers and security personnel to conveniently and efficiently identify, register and track visitors.


  • Authorized users can pre-register visitors and register unscheduled visitors.
  • Supports a driver’s license reader, passport scanner, digital camera and badge printer.
  • Badges can be limited to specific turnstiles or readers to support tracking and security checks.
  • Badges automatically expire at designated date and time.
  • Access deny list enables tenants and property managers to list people not authorized to enter a building. System notifies guard if anyone not authorized attempts to obtain a badge.
  • Tenants can remotely view and search turnstile/reader history and visitor records—scheduled visitors, processed visitors, building fire wardens and non-authorized individuals.
  • Design custom badge templates for buildings and tenants.


  • Through VisitorWatch®, pre-registered visitors receive a unique one-time pass with the QR code via email invitation. Similarly, a permanent pass can be issued for your repeat visitors and contractors.
  • A quick scan of the QR code (print out or email on smartphone) using an QR scanner and visitors are efficiently registered and on their way through the turnstiles or the elevators to that important meeting.
  • Pre-registration and QR code check-in helps ensure that only pre-approved visitors with a code are allowed to enter your building or office space.