Visitor Badge Printing

VisitorWatch is a component of Datawatch Systems' Total Lobby Solution, a comprehensive system that enables tenants, property managers and security personnel to identify, admit and track visitors, whether they are pre-registered or unexpected guests.

Employees or guards can register unscheduled visitors as they arrive. Registration details can include visitor and tenant names, valid date and time ranges, authorized areas, designated turnstiles and special instructions. Early visitors can be processed before their scheduled arrival time.

VisitorWatch software supports a driver's license reader and passport scanner, digital camera and badge printer and is fully integrated with Datawatch access control to form a comprehensive building security system. It also incorporates a fire marshal system in case of an alarm or drill, to identify which of your designated fire wardens are on site.

VisitorWatch® highlights:

Visitor at Front Desk

  • Limits badges to specific dates and times, turnstiles or access points on a per-visitor basis to improve tracking and boost security. Scans a visitor's ID and prints a badge in seconds.
  • Database identifies staff fire wardens and indicates which one is in the building — especially useful during fire marshal inspections and emergency drills.
  • A blacklist enables tenants and property managers to list unauthorized individuals. The system notifies guards when a blacklisted person attempts to obtain a badge.
  • View special-access records for scheduled visitors, processed visitors, building fire wardens and blacklisted individuals. Search turnstile or badge reader history to check entry dates and times by visitor or tenant name. Tenants can remotely view visitor records.
  • Customized badge templates for buildings and tenants. Badges can include visitor photo and name, tenant name, bar code, valid date and time and related data as well as custom text and graphics.

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