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Managed Services Are Part Of The New Normal

As the country returns to work, companies face new challenges when it comes to managing access to commercial properties. We are learning that on-prem services are not the best option when it comes to handling commercial property security, and we need to pivot to other options when incidents arise.

Commercial properties can have all of the benefits of an on-prem service without the hassle of having to manage systems by moving to a hosted or managed service option. Today’s managed services technology allows security system administrators to have all of the benefits of an on-prem security system, still, without the cost, maintenance, and hands-on management required to keep the system operational; with the additional benefits of 24hr monitoring, customer service, programming, card administration, and ongoing training.

In an ever-changing world, property managers need to have the ability to pivot 360 degrees when it comes to managing property security. Regardless if it’s managing property access, video surveillance, or intrusion detection, daily or restricted access during an incident or pandemic, managed services offer a variety of benefits.

With a managed or hosted security system, property managers can manage their properties their way, provide value-added services, and charge tenants for services rendered. Managed and hosted services provide a win-win for both the tenant and the property manager.

With the flexibility of managing systems in the palm of your hand, picking up the phone to request assistance, or managing them from the site, why wouldn’t you consider managed security services?

We will move on from the COVID-19 pandemic at some point; however, the next challenge is waiting around the corner, and it’s only a matter of time until we will have to pivot again. If we have learned anything from the pandemic, it’s essential to prepare, have a plan, and have the flexibility to manage your business from anywhere.

To learn more about managed security service options email me at  to discuss the options available through Datawatch Systems.

Guest Blogger: Sean Brown, Senior Vice President of Datawatch Systems,, 917-279-0659

Datawatch Systems is an industry-leading access control solution provider in the US. As a trusted industry leader for nearly 40 years, Datawatch Systems provides advanced technology solutions that ensure complete protection for valued assets for building owners, property managers, and tenants. Clients rely on Datawatch Systems’ portfolio of customized and integrated access control, emergency management, contactless mobile access solutions, and services to provide 24x7x365 peace of mind.


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