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5 traits of top security thought leaders

Do you have what it takes to make a great thought leader? Let’s find out!

In the physical security industry, thought leadership isn’t just about gaining a following and having an audience. Security thought leaders share and refine ideas that keep our businesses, buildings, schools — and the people inside them safe.

A true thought leader in our industry earns their influence by inspiring others through innovative thinking and collaboration. So what are some of the top traits of a security thought leader?

Let’s take a closer look.

Visionary leadership

There’s a reason why the most respected thought leaders in the security world are at the pinnacle of their careers. They’ve made mistakes, and they’ve learned from them. They’ve seen the future, and they’ve embraced change.

Seasoned security experts who draw from their hard-earned experiences — and apply the lessons they’ve learned — are the kind of big-picture, strategically focused, visionary thought leaders who think big.


The days of lock and key are long gone. Today’s security thought leaders are IT-curious, tech-savvy, software proponents, and well-informed. Managed security services, touchless entry systems, biometric access control, SaaS, and IoT are where the physical security world is. If you’re not on board — and fluent — with technology, then you’re not ready to be an industry thought leader.

Excellent communication skills

How’s your elevator pitch? Are you ready for the big leagues? Can you align your security strategy with the goals of the business? Great security thought leaders have a concise pitch ready to go at a moment’s notice. Know your key metrics, and be prepared to explain why they matter and how they help an enterprise achieve its goals.


The very best thought leaders care for others creating a true team culture. They lookout for the interests of the whole by communicating threats, working to solve problems, exploring new ideas, and creating an actionable plan. They accomplish this by developing specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals. SMART goals, insightful metrics, and relevant KPIs are the currency of the thought leader’s realm.

Adaptable and flexible

If the past 12 months have taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. The ability to respond quickly to changing needs can’t be underestimated. Resilience and adaptability foster agility — which is precisely what we need in our leaders. Dynamic vision with action versus static immobility.

Guest Blogger: Sean Brown, Senior Vice President of Datawatch Systems,, 917-279-0659

Datawatch Systems is an industry-leading access control solution provider in the US. As a trusted industry leader for nearly 40 years, Datawatch Systems provides advanced technology solutions that ensure complete protection for valued assets for building owners, property managers, and tenants. Clients rely on Datawatch Systems’ portfolio of customized and integrated access control, emergency management, contactless mobile access solutions, and services to provide 24x7x365 peace of mind.

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