Emergency Management Services

Police CarsIn recent years, devastating storms and other public-safety emergencies have paralyzed businesses that had no contingency plan in place. At Datawatch, we have developed an exclusive system to keep your employees informed and your business on track, before, during and after a natural disaster or safety threat.

Datawatch wants to ensure that your people, assets and infrastructure are protected. We developed cutting-edge systems to notify and keep track of your employees and building conditions in the event of a man-made threat, such as a bomb, or impending natural disasters, including hurricanes and tornadoes. These systems are linked to your company’s access control database and are updated in real time as your employee and facility information changes.

Datawatch Central Station, the hub for this system, is a high-security location with multiple backups and highly trained emergency management staff to ensure your crisis plans are always ready to go.

Our Emergency Notification System includes:

  • Push notifications to employees in the event of a natural or man-made disaster
  • An off-site, secure database and operators who contact employees via text message or email with your pre-planned information
  • A flexible contingency plan that you can access and update in real time. The message is directed by you and can cover operational status, location conditions, or any pertinent information you determine ahead of time.

Our HurricaneWatch system provides:

  • A system that allows your buildings and employees to remain safe and secure, while your business continues to operate as well as possible during disaster situations
  • An off-site, secure database and operators who record where and when your employees may report for business and the condition of the entire building or parts of the office space
  • A place for your employees to call in with their locations and their ability to continue working that you can access from anywhere

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