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These applications are password-protected, so you will need an online account to use them. Email our Card Key department at and we will set you up.

Online management enables you to:

  • View credential holder records
  • Activate, modify and deactivate credentials
  • Assign access levels
  • Authorize a credential holder to enter multiple buildings
  • View and add tenant records
  • Pre-register visitors and edit/delete visitor records
  • View event history

DirectAccess How-To Video Link

Log into your DirectAccess® Account (CLICK HERE)

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Card Shop technical tool to:

  • Order credentials
  • Order badging supplies

Log into your Card Shop (CLICK HERE)

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Hurricane reporting system:

  • Administrators can view and update the status of all properties and of all employees listed in the database.
  • 24/7 UL approved Central Monitoring Station available to update the status of employees and properties.

Log into your HurricaneWatch® Account

Login Here

Rapid response system:

  • Two-way, on demand emergency messaging to a designated group of recipients.
  • Blast alerts via e-mail and SMS messaging to thousands of recipients in seconds.
  • View individual recipient responses to alerts.
  • Administrators can create pre-scripted messages to expedite sending alerts.
  • Administrators can create and modify groups.
  • 24/7 UL approved Central Monitoring Station available to send alerts on formal request.

Log into your Emergency Notification System Account

Desktop Login Here

To change door lock or alarm activation times, email programming.

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To order new credentials or change existing credentials, email card key.

people monitoring using video management systems

For any other questions about your existing system, email central station.

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How-To Videos

DirectAccessHow-To Demo

DirectConnectVisitor Access Pass

DirectConnectFavorites & Siri Shorcuts

Direct ConnectVisitor QR Code Scanning

Double Tap Override