Client Tools

These applications are password-protected, so you will need an online account to use them.
Email our Card Key department at and we will set you up.



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Online management enables you to:

  • View credential holder records
  • Activate, modify and deactivate credentials
  • Assign access levels
  • Authorize a credential holder to enter multiple
  • View and add tenant records
  • Pre-register visitors and edit/delete visitor
  • View event history  

Card Shop

Advanced technical tool to:

  • Order credentials
  • Order badging supplies


Hurricane reporting system:

  • Administrators can view and update the status of all properties and of all employees listed in the database.
  • 24/7 UL approved Central Monitoring Station available to update the status of employees and properties.

ENS System

Rapid response system:

  • Two-way, on demand emergency messaging to a designated group of recipients.
  • Blast alerts via e-mail and SMS messaging to thousands of recipients in seconds.
  • View individual recipient responses to alerts.
  • Administrators can create pre-scripted messages to expedite sending alerts.
  • Administrators can create and modify groups.
  • 24/7 UL approved Central Monitoring Station available to send alerts on formal request.


Helpful Links:

How To Video: Double Tap Override

Operational Contacts for Clients

Programming Assistance - To change door lock or alarm activation times, email programming.
Card Key Assistance - To order new credentials or change existing credentials, email card key.
Other Questions - For any other questions about your existing system, email central station.