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Datawatch Systems’ mobile access combines security with convenience

Ref: New York Real Estate Journal: Owners, Developers & Managers / Design­Build section – 06/09/2015

Increasingly, property managers are making use of novel technologies to grant their tenants and authorized visitors access to their office space-without their having to carry or flash a building access card. In fact, those who in the past carried a card to enter their workplace now need carry only their smart phones, which are equipped with their individual building access credentials. Additionally, if desired by management, a person’s entry into the business space using this mobile ID can activate other systems in the building, such as lighting, heating and air conditioning.

In response to growing demand for high-security, low-hassle building access, Datawatch Systems, a recognized leader in managed access and security systems integration, has recently launched its Datawatch Mobile Access, considered to be the most effective and reliable technology in the marketplace today. With Datawatch Mobile Access, authorized tenants enter their offices simply by tapping their phone to the reader at the door, or signaling when approaching from a distance.

Users say they like the fact that Datawatch Mobile Access can be integrated into their DirectAccess systems which Datawatch already provides. Moreover, the technology is compatible with a variety of Bluetooth-enabled readers. Managers often say the most attractive benefit is that they can customize or change access based on an individual tenant’s need to access any particular area in the building, without having to individually code plastic cards.

For more than 30 years, the products and services Datawatch offers have come from anticipating client requirements. Looking ahead at what managers would find valuable is what led Datawatch to offer this secure, leading edge solution. Datawatch Mobile Access was also designed to be compatible with the company’s entire suite of products.

Datawatch selected this particular mobile technology platform based on the fact that it operates with the most commonly used Apple and Android handheld devices, and that it is very flexible.

“Even during a call, the mobile device can be used to open a door,” said Para Weerasuriya, director of technology services for Datawatch. He also noted, “Datawatch’s mobile solution works seamlessly with our DirectAccess® access control system.”

Growing Interest in Hosted Video Management:

In response to strong customer demand for more “on-the-go” security monitoring solutions, Datawatch Systems has also developed a groundbreaking video management system – and customers are providing positive feedback.

This system, called Hosted VideoWatch, enables individual users to view detected motion as recorded from an unlimited number of installed cameras, instantly from their mobile devices, tablets or computers.

The solution is more advanced than traditional video camera systems in several respects: It offers secure unlimited storage, Datawatch oversees the managed video functionality for clients, and there is a higher likelihood of finding desired footage than video obtained via a traditional locally attached storage network.

Ideally suited for both small and large businesses requiring instant access to security breaches within office environments, Hosted VideoWatch offers up to two years of secure cloud-based video storage at an offsite data center and the ability to:

1. Search for video by time or motion.

2. Export encrypted video clips and snapshots.

3. Search for motion within specific areas of a video feed.

4. Bookmark video footage for easy future reference.

5. Zoom remotely from a phone, computer or tablet.

6. Apply privacy masks to exclude certain areas from view.

“We are very excited that this new state-of-the-art mobile application gives users the instant opportunity to remotely monitor all secured areas within their office space,” said Weerasuriya, who added that “all recorded video is hosted in a secured “cloud” at Datawatch’s private data center, in the event a user is unable to access the video for any reason from his or her phone, tablet or computer. I got a prescription for Tramadol from the emergency room

The Hosted VideoWatch mobile app can be used on both Apple and Android handheld devices.

Billy Peel is executive vice president of Datawatch Systems, Bethesda, Md.