Datawatch Mobile Access

In response to growing demand for high-security, low-hassle building access, Datawatch has recently launched its Datawatch Mobile Access, considered to be the most effective and reliable technology in the marketplace today. 

Datawatch Mobile Access is:

  • Innovative – Enables secure access with a mobile device by leveraging standard communications technologies that work with both iOS® and Android™ operating systems
  • Convenient – Enhances the client experience by opening doors with a tap or twist when approaching from a distance, merging security with convenience
  • Portable – Works effectively, even if the entrant is in an area with no cell reception
  • Superior Protection – Ensures privacy, security and integrity of identity data by leveraging Secure Identity Object® (SIO®) data encoding
  • Easy to Manage – Provides seamless lifecycle management of credentials (creation, distribution, revocation), while simplifying deployment and administration

User Feedback

Those who in the past carried a card to enter their workplace now need carry only their smart phones, which are equipped with their individual building access credentials. 

The technology works seamlessly, allowing users to open any authorized door—even while they are talking on their phones—making entering the space much more convenient than using a separate access card.

What is more, if desired by client, a person’s entry into the business space using this mobile ID can activate other systems in the building, such as lighting, heating and air conditioning, and even the elevators.

Moreover, the technology is compatible with a variety of Bluetooth-enabled access control readers. 

Perhaps the most attractive benefit managers cite is the ability to customize or change access based on an individual client’s need through Datawatch’s secure DirectAccess® portal. 

See Datawatch Mobile Access in Action

Please contact our sales department to schedule a live demonstration at your location.