Hosted VideoWatch®

hosted videowatch diagramHosted VideoWatch provides a cost-effective advanced video management solution accessible at any location at any time. Saving footage to the cloud allows for increased storage capacity and easy remote viewing access to strengthen the security of your space.

Cloud management also ensures that your data remains accessible even in the event of a power outage or disaster. In addition, this system offers an extra layer of security with encrypted video.

Hosted VideoWatch is a perfect complement to your existing access control and alarm monitoring services.

Hosted VideoWatch Features:

  • Manage an unlimited number of on-site cameras with easy expansion capability
  • Compatible with most camera brands, both IP and analog
  • Hold up to 2 years of secure cloud-based video storage with easy playback
  • View video from any location via your computer, tablet, or smart phone
  • Easy conversion from traditional video networks
  • Search video for motion or by time
  • Control PTZ cameras remotely from any location to investigate activities in real-time
  • Export and share video clips and snapshots with digital signatures to enhance security
  • Bookmark video footage times for easy future reference
  • Monitor the status of your devices
  • Fully customizable design to meet your needs

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