Remote Concierge Services

Violent storms, power failures, urgent after-hours access and breaches of high-security spaces – all of these emergencies can cause delays and deplete your company’s resources.

Datawatch Systems is committed to protecting people, assets and infrastructure – and we offer a menu of remote concierge services to help you keep them all safe – without additional security staff.

From Datawatch Central Station, our high-security computer systems and meticulously trained experts are on call 24/7/365 for your staff and visitors – ready for emergencies or other unplanned events. We can help you create an emergency action plan, a disaster recovery plan, and keep your business running smoothly for any contingency you set.


Even during normal operations, challenges come up that can disrupt your business. Rather than tracking down staff who are off-site, or hiring and training additional employees, we can assist you. Whether it be lockouts, uncomfortable building temperatures, or unexpected or after-hours visitors – Datawatch staff can resolve all of these situations remotely and in moments with just a phone call.

Datawatch developed a menu of services that provide peace of mind when trouble hits. We can help you minimize costly delays due to:

  • Hurricanes, floods and tornadoes. Does your company have contingencies for natural disasters that can cripple your building or infrastructure? We can create one for you.
  • Power outages or public-safety emergencies. Datawatch has a secure, off-site system that will notify your employees of your contingencies when an emergency happens.
  • Elevator malfunctions. If someone is trapped in your elevator, pushing the emergency button can be costly. Our system works with your elevators to alert authorities and keep people safe at minimal cost.
  • Employee lockouts and after-hours visitors. After hours can mean minimal available guards or office staff. We can assess and permit or deny visitors so you don’t have to.
  • Lost key cards, with our keyless biometric access software. Missing key cards can cost time and money, and pose a serious security risk. We have a high-tech solution that can make access to your space both more convenient and more secure.

All of these systems are monitored by professionals at Datawatch Central Station, where operators are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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