Elevator Access Control

Specifically designed for increased control and security, this interface not only provides access to the elevators themselves, but to a specific floor or group of floors.

Elevator Access Control Highlights:

  • Elevator Lobby Call Access Reader: A credentialed reader in the elevator lobby can control the call buttons, and can summon one or more elevator cars.
  • Elevator In-Cab Floor Selection Access Reader: A reader in each elevator car is linked to the floor-selection buttons, allowing floor-by-floor access set by you for employees or visitors.
    • Datawatch Systems integrates with most major elevator call systems, such as the Otis Compass Destination Entry System, which dynamically assigns passengers to the elevator that will get them to their destination the quickest.
    • When using the Datawatch GuardWatch® application, lobby officers can allow access to the elevator and specific floors for visitors, tenants who have forgotten their credentials or guests who are attending special events.
    • Cost-effective elevator access control response through access phones.

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