Access Phones

Access phones are a direct link between your property and the Datawatch Central Station, where our highly trained monitors screen visitors and handle situations using your specific instructions.  Courteous and well-trained agents answer the phone, already alerted to the caller's location and determine an appropriate action.  During emergencies, our monitoring agents can allow access for first responders, thereby mitigating potential property damage.  All actions are documented and calls are recorded for review and incident reconstruction and analysis.

Datawatch agents are trained to respond to:

  • Visitors' requests for access
  • Delivery and courier requests for access
  • Tenant lockouts
  • Datawatch credential administration issues
  • Medical emergencies
  • Reports of security issues and suspicious persons
  • Reports of disasters
  • First responders' needs


  • All calls are recorded
  • Trained operators
  • Fully customizable response instructions
  • Remote unlocking from the Datawatch Central Station
  • Hands-free models that are ADA compliant
  • Customizable phone housing and appearance
  • Weatherproof and weather-resistant options available
  • Integration with closed-circuit video systems

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