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Enhanced Access Control Solutions

Beyond unlocking doors, DirectConnect provides you with the tools for an enhanced access experience at your building and within your suite.

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Contactless Door Unlock

    • Unlock access-controlled doors

Hands-Free Elevator Entry

    • Call elevator and select floor from app

Use Siri to Unlock Doors and Call Elevators

Building Community

    • List important building contact information and contacts for local businesses around your space

Reservations and Booking

    • Book conference rooms, amenity spaces
    • Provides detailed information about the length of your reservation
    • View confirmed reservations up to a week in advance
    • Access Space through physical credentials for the allotted time frame

Visitor Passes

    • Visitor Access Level Controlled at User Level
    • Health Questionnaire can be Included
    • QR Code, PIN, and/or web link sent to the visitor
    • Use weblink to simulate the tenant app experience

Area Density

    • Users can see current occupancy levels in real-time and the ability to disable access to space once maximum occupancy is reached
    • Disable access to space once maximum occupancy is reached
    • Users can see current occupancy levels in real-time
    • Multiple means to deploy the solution, starting with nearly no capital expense

Datawatch has always been such a good partner with me and my team. I have worked with the Datawatch team for more than 20 years and they have always been there for me. They are so responsive and will always bring me solutions for my day to day challenges.

Ben C. / Cushman and Wakefield

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