Property Manager Solutions

If you are the manager of a commercial space considering new or upgraded access control, we want you to know: There is a difference with Datawatch Systems.

With over 30 years of industry experience and 1 million credentials issued, Datawatch ensures that property managers make the most of access control systems, while minimizing the hassle to you and your building tenants. We tailor solutions to you, our partners, and design systems to be hassle-free, cost-effective and consistently reliable. Service is our specialty – and we are always just a phone call away, 24/7/365.

Benefits of Access Control

Our system of credentials, card readers, software Office Building Complexmanagement and monitoring was designed with you in mind: to be flexible, secure and reliable. At Datawatch, we are not just a vendor - we value property managers as our partners.

From the main entrance, to elevators, garages and tenants’ suites, Datawatch offers a menu of access control solutions and support for managers of commercial properties:

  • Lobby Solutions - Starting at the lobby, our managed access control system allows guards to monitor entire buildings – doorways, elevators, parking areas – all from one desk. In just moments security staff can verify employees, permit elevator use, and create visitor badges for both specified lists from tenants and for unexpected guests.
  • Alarm Monitoring and Remote Concierge Services - Our Datawatch Central Station team is comprised of a highly trained staff on call around the clock to monitor any breaches or assist with after-hours entry via access phones. We are always available to answer any calls from you, your tenants, guests or building staff.
  • DirectAccess - Some software databases are unsupported, complicated and finicky – but not at Datawatch, where our DirectAccess database program allows you and your tenants to update access credentials quickly and easily, in real time. We perpetually update and back up the database at our high-security headquarters.
  • Video - Serving as the perfect complement to access control, video allows you to keep eyes on your building at all times and enhances security. Datawatch offers a variety of video services, allowing you to see what is going on inside and outside of your properties, even when you aren't there. You control what you view and we can notify you within moments of any intrusion attempts.
  • Emergency Notification - Natural disasters and man-made threats can disrupt your business at any time. Datawatch developed an Emergency Notification System that alerts your staff of problems, tracks their status and helps implement contingency plans – all customized by you, in advance.

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