Datawatch Systems Solutions

Datawatch Systems has over 30 years of experience in the access control industry, capable of identifying your needs and developing and implementing innovative, reliable solutions.

We tailor systems to fit businesses and buildings with all types of concerns. From companies with millions of square feet to protect, down to single office suites, our history of superior customer service and experience at Datawatch set us apart. Whether you are a new business, or are transitioning your current system, we excel at providing you top-tier service with minimal stress and disruption.

Datawatch is more than just basic access control. We offer a wide array of flexible, integrated services that solve problems and provide peace of mind.

No matter what your business, Datawatch crafts a solution to meet your access control and alarm monitoring needs by providing solutions for:

  • Commercial Tenants within a Building - Datawatch has a suite of services developed for office building tenants who want more control, flexibility, and responsiveness from their access control and monitoring systems. 
  • Property Managers - We offer a menu of services that provide property managers execptional access control and monitoring support at a number of locations throughout their building. 
  • Companies with Offices in Multiple Locations - For large corporations with multiple locations, whether next door or across the country, we provide access control and other solutions. Executives who travel from office to office need just a single Datawatch credential, which works in all of your facilities.
  • Government Buildings - Datawatch technology conforms to the latest homeland security and federal government regulations to provide access control to government buildings with cutting-edge credentials.

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