Alarm Monitoring Services


I’ve been managing commercial properties for over 20 years. I’ve used many different monitoring companies and I feel Datawatch is clearly the best. Their customer service and repair and maintenance services are second to none.

Jim C. Crawford
Vice President
Director of Asset and Property Management
The Chevy Chase Land Company

Essential to the foundation of an effective alarm system is the team behind it. At Datawatch, we are experts in installing, monitoring and servicing alarm systems for customers with millions of square feet to protect, and those with compact office suites.

We have a portfolio of systems that work together, so your business is monitored by a live person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

On-site access to a database of your employees’ credentials allows your security staff to see and control who comes and goes – by door, by suite or by floor – in real time. Your guards can activate and deactivate alarms, and will be the first recipients when an entry-point alarm is tripped. In addition, our system allows your security team to monitor numerous buildings and doors from a single location.

Whenever your staff is off-duty or unavailable, we can take over and provide you with a detailed history of access to your space, customized to your specifications. Our team at Datawatch Central Station doesn't just answer the phone - we evaluate every call for ways to make your system function as smoothly as possible. When false alarms add up, we analyze your system for ways to eliminate them. When motion sensors are tripped in an unusual pattern or at an odd time, we act quickly to notify you and authorities. We even follow breaking news around the clock for pending weather or public health emergencies, and can lock down buildings in moments.

From Datawatch Central Station, our meticulously trained operators monitor the following:

  • Sensors that detect propped or forced doors; broken glass; and motion inside a secure space
  • Video of your space at the time an alarm is tripped
  • All entry points to your space, which are armed and disarmed according to your schedule
  • Power outages, environmental conditions, fire and smoke alarms, and even medical devices such as defibrillators
  • Silent panic-alarms for emergencies or duress situations

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