Multi-Factor Authentication

Featuring In Motion Identification

Multi-Factor Authentication provides facial, voice and behavioral recognition for real-time access control to highly sensitive areas, and for those clients requiring specialized services. Multi-Factor Authentication was created for businesses requiring extremely high security, and for those where a lost or stolen physical credential would created a high-risk situation.

In some cases, access with a physical badge isn't the best solution, and that's where Multi-Factor Authentication comes in. The system is unobtrusive. It uses a combination of facial and/or voice recognition to identify an individual, and at the same time detects high stress or duress events through its patented behavioral recognition software. As an individual walks up to the door, the camera will detect, identify and grant or deny access before they reach the threshold. The system also handles pre-registered and unannounced visitors through various voice prompts.

Building security is of paramount importance. Multi-Factor Authentication helps the bottom line by providing a secure, convenient and reliable way to let the right people in and keep the wrong people out. We couple Multi-Factor Authentication with remote monitoring and supervision at Datawatch Central Station to ensure control over who enters your buildings.


  • Adaptable technology for situations where a hand-held credential isn't the best choice
  • In Motion Identification — Identification is made before someone reaches the entrance
  • Biometrics integration: face, behavior analysis, voice, speech
  • Advanced and automated visitor management
  • Remote monitoring and supervision
  • Patented, cutting-edge technology

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