Managed Services

Datawatch Systems Managed Services

Our managed services allow you to focus on your work, while we take care of your access control needs.

Our clients’ peace of mind is at the heart of Datawatch Systems, a family company with years of experience helping businesses stay secure. Since 1981, we've been in the business of surpassing our clients' needs with our service-focused approach - creating and developing access control solutions at an excellent value. From multinational corporations to a single-door doctor's office, we develop a plan to fit your needs.

Our suite of innovative services helps your company conserve resources while improving your access control systems. We manage access control, handle alarm responses, organize emergency plans and offer concierge services, where our staff does the work for you. 

Access Control

The foundation of Datawatch, access control, is a network of services that manage the safety of your employees, property and business. Datawatch Central Station, our managed access control systems nerve center, is a high-security database manned by meticulously trained operators and monitors.

Alarm Monitoring

Datawatch can monitor alarmed entry points using video cameras and off-site analysis. Your executives do not have to be on call to respond to an alarm after hours. We have several affordable options to ensure your alarms are answered quickly.

We can arrange for your guards to monitor multiple buildings and entry points from a single location. And for those clients who need to monitor access to a smaller space, we can arrange a system that can be controlled on site by your staff.

Video Management

Our video management services offer a variety of benefits. Datawatch will take the burden of managing and administering your video while allowing you to visualy examine the cause of alarms and view footage from your space on the go. Video management serves as a great complement to access control and alarm monitoring.

Remote Concierge Services

Some clients need a solution that doesn’t require more on-site staff. We offer a menu of concierge services that link your location to Datawatch Central Station, where our operators are trained to expertly handle any contingency.

Emergency Management

Emergencies – whether natural disasters or man-made threats – can cripple your business. We developed solutions that work with your existing Datawatch database to ensure your employees and facilities remain safe and functional in the event of an emergency.

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