Tenant Solutions

Datawatch Systems is recognized for its full range of innovative access control products for building managers, but did you know that we also offer a wide array of products for building tenants?

Does your organization have visitors or employees who enter your suite after hours?
Our Remote Concierge Services allow visitors to use an access phone to obtain permission upon their arrival through Datawatch’s Central Station.

Do your employees feel safe in the building, especially at night?
Our Panic Buttons allow tenants to notify the Datawatch Central Station of an emergency and contact 911 as threatening situations arise.

Do you need to use a single credential (i.e. phone tag, card, Bluetooth Mobile ID, fob) to enter multiple locations, even in multiple cities?
Our Access Control System allows tenants to use the same credentials anytime, anywhere, without access devices having to be issued or coded separately for each location.

Do you need an effective tool to communicate with your employees during an emergency?
A popular product among clients, our Emergency Notification System allows tenants to send email and mobile phone alerts (and record their responses) to thousands of contacts in a single building or across the entire portfolio.

Do you want to manage your visitor access more efficiently, so that visitors are welcomed hassle-free?
Our VisitorWatch program lets you preregister, log, and track visitors in a streamlined fashion. It emails you immediately when a visitor arrives at the reception desk. We offer a VIP feature that ensures smooth reception of your most important guests.

Would you rather use your phone to control your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, or your lighting?
Our Bluetooth Access Control allows tenants to use their smartphones to access their offices and control HVAC and lighting systems.

Do your tenants need to temporarily open a secured door?
Our Remote Release Button or Web Console allows tenants to temporarily unsecure any door to let a visitor in.

Do you need to view your space while you are out?
Our Hosted VideoWatch is a simple, cost effective, and reliable video monitoring service, which allows tenants to stream video to a secure cloud location and access footage of their space via a smartphone or tablet. Our clients say this is an invaluable resource during an attempted break-in, weather emergency, or other event of concern.

Do you need access control monitoring for your entire office or just one door? Or need to provide access to after-hours cleaning staff?
Our SuiteWatch provides this capability without your having to provide a security code to the cleaning crew. You can issue our limited-purpose access cards to after-hours workers and easily track who arms and disarms the system.

Do you have environmentally sensitive areas that need to be monitored, such as an IT/LAN room or cold storage room?
Our Critical Environmental Monitoring provides assessment of the space according to critical environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, lighting and water system functions.

Would you prefer to use your phone to unlock doors?
Our Bluetooth Access Control conveniently allows tenants to use their smartphones in lieu of carrying an access card to access the building or suite.

Do you want stricter control of access to your space?
Our SafeRise Facial Recognition System provides a higher level of security by allowing tenants to control access into a building or suite via facial, voice, and behavioral recognition.


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