Datawatch Voice Response Terminal

Datawatch’s Voice Response Terminal (VRT) is a complete alarm monitoring communications system that provides building engineers remote access to Datawatch Central Operations using only a touchtone telephone keypad. The VRT function adds another layer of security and efficiency to simplify your daily operations.

Features of Datawatch VRT include: 

  • Security – login and password protected
  • Ease of use – at your fingertips, easy to use
  • Flexibility – ability to put all zones or specific alarm types on test
  • Results analysis – will list any zones tripped during the system test
  • Live support – always able to reach a live person at any time by pressing “0”

Our clients can opt to either interact with the automated menu or speak to a Datawatch Central Station operator at any time.  

How does our VRT system work?

When clients call the VRT system, they are prompted to enter their user number and password. The VRT system then validates their user login, password and VRT authority level. 

If they are confirmed to be a valid user, then they are prompted with the following scenarios: