Customer Relations

At Datawatch Systems, our clients are our partners, and we are committed to making their access control systems as effective and efficient as possible, while minimizing disruptions. Our clients look to us for the latest access control tools and methodologies. Hence, we strive to anticipate and address issues before they occur, fully aware of potential problems and ready with effective solutions. Our customer relations program is rooted in forward-looking analyses of access control needs and technologies.

As part of the managed access control products, tools, and services we provide to our clients, we also provide, at no additional cost:

False Alarm Reduction

False alarms are frustrating and disruptive and they waste valuable resources. Having performed thousands of alarm reviews, Datawatch Systems has the expertise to review alarm activity, identify the root causes of false alarms, and make necessary recommendations, significantly reducing hassles to busy clients.

Our other areas of expertise in the service chain:

System Audits

Datawatch Systems software puts access control at your fingertips and ensures that data stays secure and up-to-date. We perform regular database audits, which can pinpoint troublesome access points, unused credentials, and more, giving clients useful information to help them better manage their business.

Online Tools

We offer a variety of online tools for clients, allowing them easy access to manage credentials, order new credentials, generate reports, view account information, and more.

On-Site Client Training

After Datawatch Systems designs and installs an access control system, our proactive service and support continues. Once the system goes live, we remain available for on-site training, reviews, problem-solving, and modifications.

24-Hour Service and Support Availability

Our staff and technicians are available around the clock to answer any and all of our clients’ service calls. We have developed many of our products’ components ourselves, so we can identify and fix most hardware and software problems quickly.