Datawatch Expertise
Datawatch is an industry leader because we develop customized systems that keep our clients’ businesses and employees safe and secure. We provide advanced systems with user-friendly interfaces, backed by our highly trained and professional staff.datawatch-access-card-entry


Managed Services Provider

Access Control Services

Datawatch leads the way with 24/7/365 access control services for tenants, their employees and office contents, at the best value. Our customized systems are scalable for small, individual suites up to large high-rise complexes, and our transition teams make upgrading to Datawatch Systems a smart decision.

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Alarm Monitoring Services

Our meticulously trained team works hard to ensure your peace of mind. Datawatch offers a portfolio of alarm monitoring systems customized for your buildings and staff, backed by our Central Monitoring Station operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Video Management Services

Providing real time access and analysis of recorded footage, our video management services offer a perfect complement to access control and alarm monitoring. Datawatch’s video services enhance your security and allow you to view your footage from anywhere via your phone or laptop.

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Remote Concierge Services

Our suite of remote concierge services minimize disruptions to your business from storms, power outages, security breaches and requests for after-hours access. We are committed to protecting people, assets and infrastructure – and these services are handled at Datawatch Central Station, without additional on-site security staff.

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Emergency Management Services

When a disaster hits, it can cripple a company’s ability to get work done. At Datawatch, we provide an exclusive crisis-planning system to keep employees informed and your business on track. Datawatch Central Station, our high-security hub, provides multiple backups and highly trained emergency management staff.

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Popular Products

At Datawatch, we have a menu of popular products that work in concert to ensure your business is conducted as smoothly as possible.

Our access control, emergency management, remote concierge and alarm monitoring systems - hardware and software - are designed with value, efficiency and safety in mind.

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